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We’re RIFT Accounting and we're not traditional, grey-suited number-crunchers. We're here to take your business to the next level and really make it count. There’s nothing to be scared of. We’ll simplify everything. Take away the fear. Reduce the risk.

Our mission is to support the growing number of entrepreneurs and small businesses in the UK. We'll keep your business safe, help you to spot opportunities and give you the down-to-earth, practical advice you need.

Should You Register for VAT?

Would Standard VAT or the Flat Rate Scheme be better for your business?

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What does it cost?

Find the right Accounting package for your small business.

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Blog: The Voice From Rift

Small Business Crowdfunding Basics

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Jan Post Appointed as Chairman and Bradley Post as Managing Director of RIFT Group

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RIFT Accounting and Kent Invicta Chamber selected to deliver LoCASE

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Self Employed £45.00 +VAT pcm

I work for myself. I may be VAT registered or not VAT Registered.

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Our Prices

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Essential £64.00 +VAT pcm

My business has a turnover below £82k and is not currently registered for VAT.

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Classic £95.00 +VAT pcm

My business is registered for either Flat Rate or Standard VAT.

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How Much Does It Cost

...and How Do I Pay?

Let's say you've decided you want to see how RIFT Accounting could save you money, time and worry, and you want to talk pricing.

We believe in putting all our cards on the table from the outset, so we've come up with easy, no-tricks options to suit your business, whatever size or type it is.

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How An Accountant Can Help Your Business with Jane Ollis, Managing Director, RIFT Accounting.

Great accountants are true team players, always scouting for the best routes to lasting success and sustainable growth. It takes years of training and experience, and a good one can turn a solid business into a legitimate powerhouse.

It's about much more than making sure the numbers add up.

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