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We’re RIFT Accounting and we're not traditional, grey-suited number-crunchers.  Think of us as your Business Bodyguard – we’ll protect you and make you a success. There’s nothing to be scared of. We’ll simplify everything. Take away the fear. Reduce the risk.

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Whether you're just starting out or getting ready to hit the big time, we understand that it takes more than bean-counting to protect, support and grow your business.  Unlike the grey-suits, we can do a whole lot more than check your homework for you. Our accounting service is available online in real-time day or night. We’ll look out for you and keep your business safe by sending up warning flares, spotting opportunities and giving you the down-to-earth, practical advice you need.

Where Is RIFT Accounting Based?

We're based in Ashford, in Kent, and no-one knows the lie of the Kent small business landscape quite like we do. We are a small business in Kent ourselves, after all and we'd love to see you if you want to pop in! If you're not Kent based, don't let that stop you! We've clients from all over the country. Our Clear Books cloud accounting software means that we can work with you from anywhere in the world, on any device, at any time.

For us, it's about more than just the balance sheets:

  • We believe in helping you understand how accounting works.
  • We think life is easier without all the jargon and business-speak.
  • You'll never be just a number to us.

What Does RIFT Accounting Do?

As your Business Bodyguard, RIFT Accounting can:

  • Set up your new business as a sole trader or limited company
  • Help your business to grow in a stable and secure fashion.
  • Deal with HMRC for you and help with your VAT and PAYE arrangements.
  • Complete and submit your personal and company tax returns to ensure that you only ever pay what you owe and the regulations and deadlines never trip you up.
  • Ensure you understand everything that is happening in your business so you can plan confidently for the future.

What Does RIFT Accounting Cost?

We’ve ditched expensive hourly rates and awkward appointments to give you Big Business service at the right price for you. Our fully online set-up means we can work with you whenever you need us with no need for face-to-face meetings – of course, we’re more than happy to meet up for a chat if you’d like.

Our payment terms couldn't be simpler. We charge a monthly fee for the services you require.  The services will be agreed at the offset and can be amended as the business changes and grows.  Fees are calculated on an annual basis but paid monthly in advance to help with cashflow. There are never any hidden charges or painful extras. We're not going to dump any nasty surprises on you and your set-up fees with Companies House and HMRC are all included.

So, if you need a financial watchdog to look out for your business, just whistle… or get in touch by more conventional means.

Here comes the scary part. The national average for the number of new businesses failing withing 3 years of launch is an astonishing 75%. Sometimes it's because they're in the dark about their finances, sometimes they just get tangled up in red tape over tax or other legislation. Problems like this can put a serious dent in your cash flow and keep you from making good decisions.

The good news is we can protect you. We help companies to grow and succeed. Over 90% of RIFT clients are still continuing to grow. Failure rates drop by a staggering amount when a business really knows where it stands and what HMRC and Companies House expect of it. It sounds simple, and with the right guidance it really can be. 

There are over 5 million SMEs in the UK. SMEs generate half of the UK’s GDP, employ over 15 million people (including 99.3 per cent of all private sector employment) and have a combined turnover of £1.6 trillion - and growing everyday. Your country needs you!

We've recently won the KEIBA (Kent Excellence in Business Awards) for Excellence in Customer Service and the ICS (Institute of Customer Service) have independently assessed us as having a customer satisfaction score of 94%. The average score for accountants is 22%.

Give us a call and find out what makes us different.


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