What Makes RIFT Different?

Specialist Accounting For Small Business

Traditional accountants are excellent at what they do - but even if you're the biggest hammer in the toolbox, it doesn't mean that every job is a nail.

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Before RIFT Accounting was started we listened to what small businesses want from their accountant - and not surprisingly, it's much more than doing a bit of maths at the end of the year:




  • 59% Tax Advice
  • 28% General
  • 8% Business Strategy
  • 2% Payroll
  • 2% Budgeting
  • 1% All services


RIFT Accounting is here to help your business take wing, and we've made it as safe and easy as possible to progress from your first cautious steps to the point where you're ready to soar, in full command of your finances and primed to take on the world.

Perhaps you’re just setting out and need more of a guiding hand in the beginning, or maybe you're already in business but need a service more geared toward helping smaller enterprises to grow. Either way, if you look at the challenges you're facing and see more than nails to be hammered into place, get in touch about changing over to us - and take your first step into the RIFT.

We like to be part of our customers' teams, simplifying everything and removing the fear, jargon and confusion that have given accountants such a bad reputation in the past.

What Does RIFT Accounting Cost and How Do I Pay?

Unlike traditional accounting firms who send you one large bill at the end of the year, at a time that may not be convenient for your cashflow situation, out payment terms couldn't be simpler.

We charge a monthly fee for your accounting, by putting together an accounting package which is right for your business, and simply dividing the annual costs. When you're ready to start we'll need, a one-off card payment by phone or bank transfer for the first month and after that, a monthly direct debit takes care of everything.

If you already have a business account then we can set you up with a monthly Direct Debit right away.

There's never any hidden charges or painful extras. We're not going to dump any nasty surprises on you and your set-up fees with Companies House and HMRC are all included.

RIFT Accounting is part of the Kent-based RIFT Group. We understand the challenges and choices you're facing as a Kent Small Business because we're one, too.

As a small family business in Kent we understand what it takes to set a successful one up. You can find us:

  • As regular guests on BBC Radio Kent and the Business Bunker show offering help and advice for small businesses owners.

  • With local business groups such as the FSB and the Invicta Chamber. championing the needs of small business owners directly with local and central government.

  • At the Kent Family Business Forum.

  • At the Forge The Future networking event where we bring together the thinkers, inventors and influencers in the small business nexus of Kent. You can read what happened at the first one on our blog.

  • At our own events and workshops where make sure that everyone is as skilled up and knowledgeable as can be.

We're helping the next generation of entrepreneurs, too, and we have close ties with a number of schools, colleges and universities in the south east, helping people learn the skills they need to set up in business.


  • KEIBA (Kent Excellence In Business Award) for Customer Services.
  • Growth Business in Kent,
  • Woman in Construction in Kent,
  • Accountancy Age 35 Under 35
  • Kent Business Woman of the Year.

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