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Sunday October 19, 2014

Welcome to the RIFT Accounting blog, where financial management just got personal. Think of us as your Business Bodyguards, here to protect you and make your small business a success.

If you've dealt with accountants before, you're going to find what we do a little startling. We're a world apart from the traditional, grey-suited number crunchers you might be used to, and we can do a whole lot more than check your homework for you.

Whether you're just setting out on some wild, improbable caper or putting the finishing touches on your giant robot army, RIFT Accounting wants to take your passion and help you turn it into something amazing. We're not interested in churning out uniform, generic services for clients we only know by their account numbers. We want to roll up our sleeves, grab a protective visor and get our hands dirty with you.

We've got powerful friends, too. Our partner, Clear Books, is the perfect robot butler of accountancy software. We don't know what kind of grand escapade you're planning, but we're damn sure you aren't going to find your Maltese Falcon buried under a stack of unfinished paperwork. Clear Books' cloud-based system takes the boredom, stress and endless, caffeine-drenched nights out of managing your finances, and puts you in direct touch with your personal RIFT manager from anywhere you can connect to the internet.

With updates, advice and encouragement, this blog is the launch pad for your business adventures. RIFT Accounting will be your guide, your sidekick and your cyborg from the future. Come with us if you want to thrive.

The countdown starts now...

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