Evolution for Women Masterclass

Monday April 13, 2015

When and Where: Evo Girls Expo Business Masterclass on the 22nd of April 2015, Westenhanger Castle, 9:30am to 2:30pm.

Prices: £20 for FSB, Evo Girls and Chamber members, £30 for non members, including buffet lunch with facilitated networking with Evolution For Women founder Rebecca Robertson. A crèche is provided in a separate room within the grounds, CRB and Ofsted checked at a cost of £20 per child for 5 hours of high quality child care.

As a trained Financial Planner and a mum in business for close to four years, Rebecca Robertson knows a great deal about cutting her own path through the business jungle - and the key thing she's learned is that the surest route to success is through teamwork. As RIFT always says, going your own way doesn't mean going it alone and by Founding Evo Girls, Rebecca's getting that message out to the people who most need to hear it.

"I started Evo Girls as a way to bring those women I already knew together and it grew from there," she explains. "Our events are often run at cost price and with lots of value to encourage people to keep coming back."

Rather than networking, Rebecca thinks in terms of "netcollaborating" - sharing ideas and knowledge to guide businesses toward success. The Evo Girls masterclass began with the goal of showing people that being a mum in business is something to be proud of. As she puts it, "there seems to be a stigma that you're not professional or 'good enough'. I plan to continue to prove this wrong, and at the same time to support more mums in business - or parents with young children."

"I recognise how difficult it is to find the right resources and affordable child care. Collaborating and sharing in business is key and you need support from others to make it work. I hope for this event to be used as a template for other business masterclasses throughout Kent."

With a core members group dedicated to helping others, Evo Girls is about sharing ideas and experience. The masterclass event is run during school hours, with a crèche for the under-4s. RIFT's Chief Explorer Jane Ollis will be personally leading teams of business adventurers through a series of workshops, covering:

  • How to handle HMRC: avoiding or dealing with penalties, and taking care of all your Self-Assessment, VAT and other tax obligations.
  • How to manage your business and personal cash flow: leaving your finances on the back burner is a sure way of lighting a fire you can't put out!
  • Business Planning: no strategy ever survives first contact with the realities of business. Knowing how to adapt your plan makes all the difference in a fast-moving world.

A full breakdown of the topics and video of Rebecca at the venue can be seen on our events page.

Book your place on the Evo Girls website, and see why knowing how to work together is the secret to great business.

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