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Monday November 23, 2015

You might think your Accountant is someone you speak to when you need some information, have a problem with HMRC, VAT or need your year-end accounts prepared. Well you should expect a lot more proactive help to grow your business and achieve your goals.

We worked together with some great partners to create an UNconference for Kent as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Rift Accounting partnered up last week with the StartMyBiz and GrowMyBiz teams at Canterbury City Council and the Business Bunker to host Kent’s first ever UNconference for entrepreneurs. The idea behind the Unconference is that delegates introduce themselves and the challenges they are facing and then people pitch to run workshop sessions that respond to these challenges.

It was a great way to share knowledge and make connections.

At our first Unconference, attended by 100 people, 11 came forward to pitch to share their stories and knowledge. Thanks go to all them for taking part in something new and different. Here’s a snapshot of just 3 stories and what I learnt:

Kris Searle opened proceedings with two of his songs and then talked about his success with music in in the States but that he is much happier back in Herne Bay at his studio on the pier ( ) and giving back to the community. Passion, putting your heart into and being genuine are all factors he believes are critical.

Reg Groombridge from talked about building his B2B online software business from nothing to a million pounds without any external investment and with enough retained profits to purchase his own building. Keeping the brand current and developing-on his product to fit within the ever changing mobile world have been key as have automating processes internally, keeping the business lean and more recently working with a coach.

Amy McManus from AM Marketing ( talked about the success she has had with marketing her business on a shoestring and becoming Kent Marketing Agency of the year on a £350 budget. Finding a networking group that you are comfortable in and going to shine and getting your 60 second intro pitch perfect are great starting points.

An extra special thanks goes to a wonderful man I have got to know over Skype, Steve Schmidt, who has recently brought his medical device company, Quvium to Kent but currently residing back in his home town of Boston, until the lovely UK authorities issue him with next visa. You can watch his video here:

Why it’s so important to try new things.

Running this event made me feel excited about how we can share more knowledge and experiences across our community that help solve problems other people are facing. We can also create wonderful spaces to connect people and create new opportunities for them.

That’s what I call a really helpful Accountant!

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