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Monday August 15, 2016

Dear Nettie @ The Safety Net

As you know I have been working on setting up my new business for a while and I’m very excited as to how it is going. When we did my last quarterly review we talked about networking and the importance of linking with relevant people. I have to say the more networking I am doing the more my confidence is growing – also many thanks for the ‘heads up’ with regards to the card thrusters!!!

My reason for contacting you today was to tell you about a recent experience with regards to a speaker at a networking event! It was a lady who seemed really confident and had recently been up for a business award of some description. She spoke confidently about her subject and her business but it seemed a bit as though her target audience was a bit ‘high end’ for my business requirements.

I took her card and when I got home I thought I would undertake a bit of research about her and her business – well words fail me! A website under construction, no endorsements on LinkedIn despite a lot of connections etc etc. I then looked on Companies House to see dormant accounts filed.

Now I know that you would be equally concerned about this – but surely when a speaker is booked for a networking event the least you should expect is to be able to learn from that persons experience – if not maybe she could just forward the last book she read about business and I’ll simply read that!

Be interested in your thoughts – Poppy

Dear Poppy

Thanks for the email – and you are quite right – on the surface this does seem a bit of a farce.

We all want to learn from others experiences, and its rather disappointing when you feel rather ‘cheated’ like you have this time.

Of course, it could be that the business has really taken off in the last few months since the last dormant accounts have been filed, but I would expect that to have been part of the journey that she would have shared with the audience.

You also mention that she had recently been nominated for a business award – there are of course some excellent awards for which being nominated is prestigious and should be shouted from the rooftops, such as KEiBA, but a number of awards can also be nothing more than a self nomination and a good story, and the value of these is in my opinion dubious!

My suggestion here would be to express your concerns to the event organiser – they may not have completed any research either, and I would suggest you weren’t the only one to leave the event and complete some research.

Don’t let this stop you from networking going forward – would look at it as a ‘lesson learnt’

Have a fantastic week - Nettie

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