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Wednesday January 20, 2016

Dear Nettie at The Safety Net,

I’ve got a really good idea for a new business but everything is telling me this is not the right time – I have a decent well paid job at the moment, so should I put it off until the time is right or should I get on with it?

Look forward to your views.



Dear Philip,


Ok – so you’ve had the great business idea, you’ve completed your research, the business plan is starting to fall into shape, you know what it will cost, who your customers will be, what finance you will need, what premises and equipment you will require – etc etc.

So time to turn this idea into reality!

If only this really happened, this is often where the nerves and EXCUSES ‘kick in’ and where the ‘wobble’ starts and sadly the focus becomes all the reasons why you shouldn’t go ahead with your potentially life changing idea.

One of the most regular EXCUSES is that it is ‘simply the wrong time’ – OK then when is the right time?

1. Will it be when all the stars have correctly aligned with the planets?

2. Will it be when you have enough money?

3. Is it best when you believe the economy is more stable?

All of the above are EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES and mean that a potentially great business idea that has an excellent chance of success, sadly nobody will ever get to see if you let the EXCUSES win.

So back to the original question – do you really want to run a business?

Take yourself back to your plan, your idea, your new products….you know deep down you really want to have a go.

‘Not the right time’ or ‘I don’t have time’ are the most common EXCUSES!

There is no rule that you have to give up the day job – try starting small, put some money away each month to fund your new idea, maybe instead of a holiday. For example, if the new idea can be tested/ trialed in the evenings, weekends, around your shift pattern – try that.

When you test and you find success, then the options start opening up, and you can start to plan how to adapt your lifestyle further to grow your business, adapt your plan etc. – maybe you start cutting down your working hours, taking less overtime, as if you are finding success then you should be starting to generate some profit – is it enough to start substituting your regular income safety net.

It would be wrong to suggest that starting a new business, following a dream, changing a lifestyle, potentially giving up a regular salary is an easy decision, but don’t let the EXCUSES win.

So - when is the best time to start a business – well that’s an easy question, for which the answer is ‘whenever and never’- only you can decide!

Good luck


The Safety Net

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