RIFT Accounting Apprenticeship Story

Wednesday March 29, 2017

With recruitment and apprenticeships being such a hot topic at the moment, what with the levy coming next month and apprenticeships being available to a much wider age range and many varied courses, at RIFT Accounting we thought we would share our experience of employing an apprentice ourselves and how this works realistically.

Being a growing SME ourselves we needed to grow our team and the role required was not a traditional accounting role but instead we needed a new type of explorer to join us, one that had good IT skills that they could both share with the team, as well as  develop an interest in accounting admin.

As a growing team with ever changing needs and a variety of clients we decided to try the apprenticeship route for 2 reasons.

  • We needed a new member of staff and had an understanding that a lot of new skills were required that would require external training and an apprenticeship scheme seemed to fit this in.
  • Many of our clients were asking us about apprenticeship s and whether these were a good idea / investment, so it seemed a great idea to try it ourselves.

We therefore employed an apprentice in conjunction with Mid Kent College as an IT Application Specialist Level 2 – sounds like a bit of a mouthful, but the apprenticeship was made up of a number of modules some mandatory, the rest of which we were able to choose to fit in with our business to create a qualification.

The next step was to ensure that both the provider of the apprenticeship, ourselves and the apprentice all had to sign up to the programme – so there was commitment all round.

The apprentice is issued with a contract of employment like any other member of staff as well as a job description, but built into this you must remember that they will have to attend college and also you will need to allow time for on and off the job training and projects the apprentice will need  to complete in order to achieve their qualification.

Recruiting the right apprentice is key, and providing a supportive work environment is very important to enable the apprentice to achieve the qualification.

So how have we found the whole experience here at RIFT Accounting?

We would certainly do it again, the key is to find the right candidate, interview for the position just like you would any other and support the training and development., this way the end result will be a newly trained member of your team, that can continue to be developed within the business at the end of the apprenticeship.

If you would like any further information about an apprentice or a provider to help you, please feel free to ask, we would be happy to make an introduction for you

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