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  • Flat Rate VAT Explained

    Flat Rate VAT Explained

    Buckle up, adventurers. Today we're talking about Flat Rate VAT, and the ride's about to get bumpy!

  • How To Use Your Profit and Loss Accounts to Make Better Decisions

    How To Use Your Profit and Loss Accounts to Make Better Decisions

    Turning a Profit... Into Something Better. Accurate bookkeeping is at the very heart of good business, but a profit and loss record can do more than just recount stories of your business' past.

  • Don't Let Old Accountancy Practices Punish You For Success

    Accounting For Growth

    Traditional Accountancy that doesn't look at your figures until the end of the year could be costing you more than you know. Without real time data on your financial position you could easily find yourself on the wrong side of HMRC because you've been more successful than you expected. Here's an example of how we make sure this never happens.

  • End Of Year Planning For SMEs: It's All in the Reflexes

    End Of Year Planning For SMEs

    Every great adventurer who ever darted back under a rapidly descending stone wall to retrieve a beloved adventuring hat understands the value of timing and a cool head under pressure (or at least a cool-looking head - because, you know - adventuring hat). With the end of the tax year looming like an enormous rolling boulder trap, it's time to get your 2014-15 situation prepped, primed and optimised - so let's get to it.

  • RIFT Small Business Base Camp at Kent B2B, Tonbridge, 27th March

    Small Business Base Camp Established at Best of Kent Shows

    Join RIFT Accounting and special guests at our first Small Business Base Camp at the Best of Kent show in Tonbridge on 27th March. RIFT Small Business Base Camps are designed to form the foundation of your business journey and equip you with all the solid, practical guidance and support you need to succeed.

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