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  • The Tax Rules for Dividends Are Changing

    Changes to Tax on Dividends

    If your business is paying you dividends, then things are about to change for you. We'll guide you through the new rules to make sure you're up to date.

  • How to Choose a Business Bank Account

    How to Choose a Business Bank Account

    Deciding on the right business bank account for you isn't as simple as it sounds, and the path of least resistance may not always be the wisest.

  • The Importance of a Business Expenses Policy

    The Importance of a Business Expenses Policy

    A solid grip on your business expenses is about more than keeping your costs down. With the right approach, it can boost every aspect of your business. Here's how...

  • What is Employment Allowance?

    What is Employment Allowance

    Employers: Don't Miss Out! Employment Allowance is a significant boost to small business employers. It's simpler than it looks, and it could be worth thousands to your business each year.

  • Invoice Finance Restrictions: Getting the Clause Out

    Restrictions on Invoice Financing Banned

    Good news for small businesses: the government listened and is killing off restrictive clauses on invoice financing. Find out what it means for your company's cash flow.

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