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  • Invoice Finance Restrictions: Getting the Clause Out

    Restrictions on Invoice Financing Banned

    Good news for small businesses: the government listened and is killing off restrictive clauses on invoice financing. Find out what it means for your company's cash flow.

  • The 2015 KITA Awards

    The 2015 KITA Awards

    Hilary Steel writes about the amazing night that was the 2015 Kent Independent Traders Awards. As founder, organiser and all round Kent Superhero she's made us believe that a small business can fly.

  • Your Accountant Could Be Doing More than Just Balancing Your Books

    Why Your Accountant Can Do More than Balance Your Books

    If you're treating your financial information as little more than a score sheet, you're missing out on the best of what it does for you.

  • Late Payment and Small Companies

    Late Payment and Small Companies

    With over three quarters of companies having to wait a month or more beyond their agreed terms, late payments are taking a big bite out of small business.

  • Flat Rate VAT Explained

    Flat Rate VAT Explained

    Buckle up, adventurers. Today we're talking about Flat Rate VAT, and the ride's about to get bumpy!

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