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  • Mini Budget: "The Future is Bright, So Let’s Not Be Blue" says Jane Ollis

    Jane Ollis Mini Budget Commentary

    The first Conservative budget in almost two decades has certainly whipped up a storm, but Jane Ollis explains why small businesses have no reason to feel blue.

  • How To Use Your Profit and Loss Accounts to Make Better Decisions

    How To Use Your Profit and Loss Accounts to Make Better Decisions

    Turning a Profit... Into Something Better. Accurate bookkeeping is at the very heart of good business, but a profit and loss record can do more than just recount stories of your business' past.

  • Becoming A Contractor

    Becoming A Contractor

    The decision to become a contractor is a big one, and there are many reasons for making it. Maybe you’ve decided you no longer want to work for The Man. Maybe you just want to manage your own time or take control of your destiny. However it came about, it's an opportunity to become your own boss - and that's reason enough for most.

  • RIFT Small Business Base Camp at Kent B2B, Ashford, 7th July

    Small Business Base Camp at Best of Kent Ashford

    Join RIFT Accounting and special guests at our second Small Business Base Camp at the Best of Kent show in Ashford on 7th July. RIFT Small Business Base Camps are designed to form the foundation of your business journey and equip you with all the solid, practical guidance and support you need to succeed.

  • P11D Forms and How to Submit Them

    P11D Forms and how to submit them

    Your P11D must be submitted by 6th July. It is a record of the value of any Benefits In Kind or "perks" you have received during the last tax year and it must be completed and sent to HMRC. Find out what you need to do, how RIFT can help you - and what happens if you don't!

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