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  • Small Business Base Camp Interviews Episode 2

    Small Business Base Camp Interviews Episode 2

    At Kent 2020 Paul Andrews and Jules Serkin welcomed seasoned adventurers into the Base Camp to share their knowledge with the new recruits. In episode one we hear fromJo Smith, Adrain Wenn and Dan Little. talking about how to recruit the staff you need, an introduction to the opportunities of alternative finance, and partnering with RIFT on research and development projects and how he discovered he could claim R&D tax credits.

  • What the Queen's Speech Means for Small Business

    What the Queen's Speech Means for Small Business

    The UK government is calling small business the "engine room" of the economy. Let's look at where it thinks that engine's taking us.

  • Cutting Costs and Red Tape: the UK's Competitive Edge

    The UK's Competitive Edge

    The UK government wants the country to have the most competitive tax regime in the G20, and is taking a number of steps that could help you put your business at the head of the pack.

  • Chris Gaze: The Best Of The Best

    Senior Accountant Chris Gaze Selected In Accountancy Age 35 Under 35

    Chris Gaze, our senior accountant has been selected as one of Accountancy Age's "35 under 35" that celebrates "the best and brightest accounting practice in the UK".

  • New Rules For Small And Micro Business Reporting

    Small Business Accounting Under the Microscope

    The reporting rules are changing for small and micro businesses, altering the amount and type of information they need to give to the authorities. Here's what it means for you.

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