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  • Guest Blog: The “Employers Backpack” Essentials 1

    The Employers Backpack Essentials

    We have teamed up with Dakota Blue Consulting to bring you some useful HR tips and insights to help you on your journey as an employer over the coming weeks and months. Our first blog gives you some key pointers to consider if you are thinking about taking up a great opportunity to start to grow your own talent within your business with apprentices.

  • Explorers Report: RIFT at Kent B2B Tonbridge 2015

    RIFT at Kent B2B Tonbridge 2015

    The RIFT Small Business Base Camp at the Kent B2B event was a great success. With guest speakers, workshops and networking sessions, you couldn't ask for a better first step on your business journey.

  • Shared Parental Leave Comes Into Force From 5th April

    New Shared Parental Leave System

    From the 5th of April 2015, a new system called Shared Parental Leave is coming in. Basically, after the ordinary period of standard Maternity and Paternity Pay are over they're scrapping Additional Paternity leave as a separate thing and replacing it with the new Shared Parental Leave, which can be split between the parents (assuming they're both eligible) to give them more flexibility.

  • Business Banking For Beginners

    Tales From The RIFT: Thrilling Adventures in Accountancy Part 3

    It's a well established fact that age casts obstacles in the explorer's path - not in terms of what we can accomplish but in how we're perceived. What's less well known is that youth doesn't always lead to an easier path through the business jungle. In fact, it may very well throw out obstacles of its own. RIFT Accounting's favourite teen industrialist, Ben Towers, recently regaled us with a perfect illustration of the case in point. Perched atop a throne forged from the adamantine skeletons of many fallen robot soldiers, he recalled the troubles he had with stashing his hard won treasure.

  • End Of Year Planning For SMEs: It's All in the Reflexes

    End Of Year Planning For SMEs

    Every great adventurer who ever darted back under a rapidly descending stone wall to retrieve a beloved adventuring hat understands the value of timing and a cool head under pressure (or at least a cool-looking head - because, you know - adventuring hat). With the end of the tax year looming like an enormous rolling boulder trap, it's time to get your 2014-15 situation prepped, primed and optimised - so let's get to it.

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