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  • Ben Towers: Social Marley

    Tales From The RIFT: Thrilling Adventures in Accountancy Part 2

    At the heart of every great hero's Secret Origin story lies an unquenchable thirst for justice. When we last joined RIFT Accounting's favourite two-fisted teen tycoon, Ben Towers, he was just sixteen years old and already employing fifteen people and travelling the world to give inspirational speeches to the entrepreneurial warriors of tomorrow. But what drives someone so young to push so hard? More specifically, what spark ignited the business inferno that is Ben Towers' latest project, Social Marley?

  • The First RIFT Accounting Filming Day

    Lights Camera Action

    On Thursday 12 Feb we completed our first client filming day in Ashford. Huge thanks to the brave First Four: Dakota Blue Consulting. GMG Network, Host Magazine from G and C Media and Social Marley. You can read more about each of them below, and watch this space for the premiere!

  • Accounts and Accountability

    Small Body Transparency

    Small public bodies like parish councils, fire and rescue authorities and even police services are expected to present full reports of how they're managing their affairs. With the public purse strings tightening and dwindling budgets all over the public sector, small public bodies can expect their accounts to be under ever-closer scrutiny.

  • Ben Towers: The Origin

    Tales From The RIFT: Thrilling Adventures in Accountancy Part 1

    He's got nerves of pure steel... He's got the strategic brilliance of a Chess grand master... We're pretty sure he once punched an evil robot's head right off... He's the unstoppable Ben Towers and we’ll be keeping you up to date with his thrilling adventures every month in Tales From The RIFT!

  • Challenger Banks

    Challenger Banks

    Enter the challenger banks - and unlike their increasingly timid bigger brothers, some of them don't even have doors to slam in your face!

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