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  • RIFT Small Business Base Camp at Kent B2B, Tonbridge, 27th March

    Small Business Base Camp Established at Best of Kent Shows

    Join RIFT Accounting and special guests at our first Small Business Base Camp at the Best of Kent show in Tonbridge on 27th March. RIFT Small Business Base Camps are designed to form the foundation of your business journey and equip you with all the solid, practical guidance and support you need to succeed.

  • HMRC Warning On Tax Refund Email Scam

    HMRC Warning On Tax Refund Email Scam

    HMRC warns about tax refund email scam and asks that any bogus emails received are forwarded to them to pass to law enforcement.

  • The Economic Outlook For The Southeast

    What Does The Future Hold?

    There's no adventure without risk. With a general election looming and no clear front-runner, the business community as a whole may start to get a little twitchy in the next few months. Whatever the result, it's pretty clear that there's no easy ride for small business. Hope and audacity are alive and well, but the climate is still stormy and no-one's getting through this on pure optimism and blind faith in their dreams. That tenacity needs to be matched with the strategy and agility to convert simple survival into lasting success.

  • Ben Towers: Social Marley

    Tales From The RIFT: Thrilling Adventures in Accountancy Part 2

    At the heart of every great hero's Secret Origin story lies an unquenchable thirst for justice. When we last joined RIFT Accounting's favourite two-fisted teen tycoon, Ben Towers, he was just sixteen years old and already employing fifteen people and travelling the world to give inspirational speeches to the entrepreneurial warriors of tomorrow. But what drives someone so young to push so hard? More specifically, what spark ignited the business inferno that is Ben Towers' latest project, Social Marley?

  • The First RIFT Accounting Filming Day

    Lights Camera Action

    On Thursday 12 Feb we completed our first client filming day in Ashford. Huge thanks to the brave First Four: Dakota Blue Consulting. GMG Network, Host Magazine from G and C Media and Social Marley. You can read more about each of them below, and watch this space for the premiere!

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