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    VAT MOSS: The rules on VAT have changed for tax on digital services within the EU.

    Okay, assuming you can hear us over the screaming and the panicking and the huge chunks of falling sky, it's time we talked about VAT MOSS, and how (or if) it affects you. Since the 1st of January, the rules on VAT have changed so that tax on digital services within the EU is based on where the purchaser is, rather than the seller. It's actually a move designed to stop large businesses from routing all their sales through low-VAT countries to minimise the tax they pay. Unfortunately, it's having a lot of unintended knock-on effects on small businesses.

  • Crowdfunding - The More, the Merrier


    Crowdfunding's one of those magical ideas that lightning-bolts its way into the business world every so often. The continuing explosion of the internet and the speed with which traditional lending institutions have been sucking their heads back into their shells have left a gaping hole in the funding arena, and a whole new way of raising finance has grabbed itself a foothold.

  • Self Assessment Pitfalls

    The Self Assessment Deadline For Submission And Payment Is 31st Jan

    Self Assessment isn't just about checking for unwelcome lumps - although you should probably be doing that too. It's also the way HMRC gets you to do a load of their paperwork for them when you're paying yearly taxes for yourself or your business.

  • Start My Biz in Canterbury

    Boot Camp With Jane Ollis

    Listen up, future magnates and first-time adventurers. RIFT Group's very own NASA-trained super-scientist, Jane Ollis, is about to drop a serious knowledge-bomb on your start-up ambitions. If you're a student, graduate or job seeker with a great idea and the drive to turn it into a business, you're going to want to hear what she has to say.

  • Christmas in the RIFT

    Merry Christmas 2014

    Merry Jinglies and seasonal good will to Sole Traders, Limited Company owners and all the assorted inhabitants of the RIFT! Here's hoping for a wonderful, adventurous Christmas.

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