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  • Director's Loan Accounts

    Director's Loan Accounts

    This is the first in a series of blogs looking at Directors Loan Accounts, to help Directors have a better understanding of how they work, the implications of an overdrawn directors loan as well as looking at repayment, interest and tax implications.

  • Autumn Budget 2017

    Autumn Budget 2017

    Having now had a chance to look through the Autumn budget. The key changes that small and medium businesses should be aware of in our opinion are as follows;

  • Putting Your Pension To Work

    Putting Your Pension To Work

    More of us than ever are leaning on our pensions for business finance.

  • Biz Conference 16th November 2017

    Biz Conference

    The Biz Conference - the unconventional annual conference which is held in association with StartMyBiz and RIFT Accounting is back for the third year!

  • Selling Your Own Business

    Selling Your Own Business

    ‘Should I stay or should I go now…..’ as ‘The Clash’ say in their song is often the decision that business owners have to make when it comes to deciding whether or not to sell their business.

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