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  • National Insurance For The New Tax Year: April 2019-2020

    National Insurance For 2019-20

    National Insurance was originally introduced in 1911 as a contributory system of insurance for those who could not work due to illness and unemployment and later retirement pensions and other benefits were also covered.

  • Salaries and Dividends For The 2019/20 Tax Year

    Salaries and Dividends

    If you operate your own UK limited company you will probably want to use the tax planning strategy of extracting money from your company through a combination of dividends and a low salary to ensure you optimise your tax.

  • KPMG Closes UK Small Business Unit

    KPMG Dropping SME Services

    While accounting giants struggle with SME clients, RIFT rises higher than ever.

  • Merry RIFTmas to All

    Merry RIFTmas to All

    It’s been another exciting year at RIFT Accounting. Here’s to 2019 and beyond!

  • Digital Services Tax: UK Going It Alone?

    Digital Services Tax: UK Going It Alone?

    Phillip Hammond might not wait for international consensus before tackling digital service tax.

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