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  • Late Payment and Small Companies

    Late Payment and Small Companies

    With over three quarters of companies having to wait a month or more beyond their agreed terms, late payments are taking a big bite out of small business.

  • Avoiding the Cash Flow Trap

    Sales, Cash Flow and Credit

    Business survival is about more than making sales. Monitoring your cash flow is like taking the pulse of your business. If doesn't need to be racing, but it does need to be reliable.

  • Mini Budget: "The Future is Bright, So Let’s Not Be Blue" says Jane Ollis

    Jane Ollis Mini Budget Commentary

    The first Conservative budget in almost two decades has certainly whipped up a storm, but Jane Ollis explains why small businesses have no reason to feel blue.

  • Loving and Letting it Go: The Emotional Impact of Selling Your Business

    The Emotional Impact of Selling Your Business

    Even if you've always kept your long-term exit strategy in tight focus in your mind, as the time approaches to walk away the decision can feel more and more difficult to follow through on. That emotional impact, whether it hits you before or after the sale, can knock the wind right out of you.

  • End Of Year Planning For SMEs: It's All in the Reflexes

    End Of Year Planning For SMEs

    Every great adventurer who ever darted back under a rapidly descending stone wall to retrieve a beloved adventuring hat understands the value of timing and a cool head under pressure (or at least a cool-looking head - because, you know - adventuring hat). With the end of the tax year looming like an enormous rolling boulder trap, it's time to get your 2014-15 situation prepped, primed and optimised - so let's get to it.

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