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  • Using Data to Make Business Decisions

    Using Data to Make Business Decisions

    You see a Balance Sheet. We See a Treasure Map! Your accounting records aren't just some unavoidable inconvenience you have to take care of to stay in business. Look at them the right way and they're a flight plan to your future success.

  • Cutting Costs and Red Tape: the UK's Competitive Edge

    The UK's Competitive Edge

    The UK government wants the country to have the most competitive tax regime in the G20, and is taking a number of steps that could help you put your business at the head of the pack.

  • First Quarter FSB Results

    First Quarter FSB Results 2015

    Small firms are the first to sprout when the climate is favourable, but can also suffer worst in the cold. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, the future's looking bright.

  • Jane Ollis Talks Social Enterprise on Business Bunker

    Jane Ollis Talks Social Enterprise on Business Bunker

    There are 70,000 Social Enterprises operating in the UK, contributing £18.5 billion to the economy and employing close to a million people (many of whom might otherwise be disadvantaged in the labour market). There's a lot more to being a Social Enterprise than having good intentions and a sound business strategy. Setting up isn't as quick as some other types of business, and both running it and calculating its success can actually be more complicated. Jane Ollis appeared on the Business Bunker Radio Show on 14th April to discuss the ins and outs of building the world you want to live in.

  • Starting a Business: What it Takes

    What Makes an Entrepreneur?

    Despite the impression your TV is trying very hard to give you, there's a great deal more to building a successful business than having an improbably perfect haircut or winning a "reality" show. There are literally millions of small businesses in the UK alone, and very few of them can trace their continuing success back to a celebrity millionaire swooping in to take care of those silly little money worries for them. Building a real business takes a dream, a plan and a lot of hard work.

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