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  • Five tips for SMEs to beat traffic chaos and transport strikes

    Five tips for SMEs to beat traffic chaos and transport strikes

    Jan Post, MD of RIFT Group, writes about practical ways for SMEs to lessen the results of strikes and traffic chaos.

  • Guest Blog: Does your Company need to hire an Entrepreneur?

    Does Your Company Need to Hire an Entrepreneur?

    We've spoken to Simon Teague, experienced business coach and owner of New Level Results, about growing your small business and finding the right people to help you.

  • Cutting Costs and Red Tape: the UK's Competitive Edge

    The UK's Competitive Edge

    The UK government wants the country to have the most competitive tax regime in the G20, and is taking a number of steps that could help you put your business at the head of the pack.

  • First Quarter FSB Results

    First Quarter FSB Results 2015

    Small firms are the first to sprout when the climate is favourable, but can also suffer worst in the cold. According to the Federation of Small Businesses, the future's looking bright.

  • The Economic Outlook For The Southeast

    What Does The Future Hold?

    There's no adventure without risk. With a general election looming and no clear front-runner, the business community as a whole may start to get a little twitchy in the next few months. Whatever the result, it's pretty clear that there's no easy ride for small business. Hope and audacity are alive and well, but the climate is still stormy and no-one's getting through this on pure optimism and blind faith in their dreams. That tenacity needs to be matched with the strategy and agility to convert simple survival into lasting success.

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