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  • Evolution for Women Masterclass

    Evolution for Women Masterclass

    RIFT's Jane Ollis presents a series of workshops covering everything from dealing with HMRC to managing your personal cash flow. Come with questions and problems, leave with answers and solutions.

  • Self Assessment and the End Of the Tax Year

    Preparing For Self Assessment

    A large part of being a successful business explorer is knowing when to step back and take a good, hard look at yourself and your accomplishments. The good news is that HMRC have already decided when that time is. The bad news is they get really cross if you miss it. As the tax year draws to an end it's time to make sure you've got everything secured and ready.

  • Self Assessment Pitfalls

    The Self Assessment Deadline For Submission And Payment Is 31st Jan

    Self Assessment isn't just about checking for unwelcome lumps - although you should probably be doing that too. It's also the way HMRC gets you to do a load of their paperwork for them when you're paying yearly taxes for yourself or your business.

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