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It's Easier Than You Imagine

Is your Accountant taking your business for granted? Are they working with you to grow your business for the future? You didn’t know accountants did this?  Well, RIFT does, and that’s what makes us different. 

What Would Make You Switch Accountant? Research and Infographic by Clear Books

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If you're used to dealing with accountants, you're going to find what RIFT Accounting offers a bit startling. We're a whole lot more than just another bean-counting service. We understand that your business means more to you than the money flowing in and out of it. It's your dream you're building, and we want to help you dream bigger.

Most people choose an accountant based on location and expect only an annual numbers check in return for their business. Sadly, it’s all people have come to expect. Worse still, many people say they “dread” contacting their accountant and their customer satisfaction rating is 22%!

That’s awful, isn’t it? Your accountant should be a trusted part of your team! RIFT’s customer satisfaction, as measured independently by the ICS (Institute of Customer Service) is “World Class” at over 90% across the board!

With such low expectations it’s no surprise that 50% of businesses never switch accountant to find someone more pro-active, suitable for their needs, experts in small business issues, and open to using new technology to better support them.

Research has found that 1/3rd of small business owners say that they are too scared to ask for advice about running their business, yet 75% of business failures could have been prevented with better financial advice, understanding & support.

A Quick Quiz

Our Accountant:

  1. Truly understands our business and provides the support we need, when we need it.

  2. Communicates well with us and provides jargon free advice we can implement right away to improve the bottom line.

  3. Doesn’t bill us for every minute of their time, spring surprise costs on us or charge the earth.

  4. Works to our timescales and doesn’t miss HMRC or Companies House deadlines.

  5. Is someone I find approachable, friendly and who I trust to look after our business.

If you can answer yes to all 5 statements, we are genuinely pleased for you.

If you cannot answer yes to all 5 statements, its maybe time you consider switching Accountants

How To Switch My Accountants

If you're wondering what the benefit of switching accountants are then we think you'll be pleasantly surprised. We can certainly make sure you're not paying too much tax - and charge you less for doing it, so you're saving already - but there's so much more we can do together.

We're here to kick down every barricade and that starts with making it as simple as possible to switch accountants over to us. We'll even explain to your old accountant that you’re switching, so you need not worry about that.

Here's all you have to do to switch your accountant:

  • Come and talk to us so that we can work with you to pick the service that best suits your business and your future plans.
  • Give us your current Accountant's details, along with the services that they provide for you.

We'll take the whole process of switching accountant onward from there. We'll contact your accountant and have all your accounts and tax details sent to us. There'll be no disruption to your business and no messing about with complicated procedures. The changeover will be smooth and fast (a couple of weeks, in most cases), and the only things you'll notice will be the lower costs and greatly improved service you're getting.

If you are currently using accounting software or a different Cloud Accounting package to Clear Books then we can sort out the safe and automatic transfer of all your existing accounting records into our system.

If you're wondering what more an accountant could be doing for you than your annual accounts then take a look at our How An Accountant Can Help You page.

It's important that you choose the right accountant for your business and your particular needs. These may have changed over time, and will likely change again as you grow or develop new plans. We've got a handy guide to the questions you should ask yourself or your business partners when choosing an accountant. Don't worry, it doesn't just say "Choose RIFT"!

Your business is about more than just the numbers, and so are we. Accountants is such a simple word for everything extra that we do; we're here to give you business and financial guidance, support and encouragement whenever you need it - not just when you've managed to schedule an appointment. We're not going to try to hammer your business into some pre-conceived shape of our own - we want to help you build the vision that you believed in when you first set out.

We specialise in looking after small fledgling businesses and start-ups, as well as established businesses, looking for a new way of working. With our help, you will understand much more about your finances and will want to get right under the skin of tax advice, property issues, asset disposal or acquisition, raising finance and all that other stuff. We'll be so proud when you do.

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