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What You Need To Do

An Annual Return is a yearly snapshot of your business. It identifies the company, explains its main activities and tells Companies House what type of business it is (public or private, for example). Your Annual Return will also list your company's registered address, along with details on its Directors and Secretary (if you have one).

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Every company needs to turn in an Annual Return each year, with Directors bearing the responsibility for making sure they're submitted on time.

Companies House will send a letter to your registered address to remind you of when it's due, and the actual return can be submitted electronically (or on paper if you can't do it online, for some reason).

Your Annual Return needs to be completed within 28 days of the anniversary of your company's incorporation, or of the "made-up date" of your last Annual Return. Check the panel on the right for more information about what all this means in real terms.


By teaming up with RIFT Accounting, you can use our offices as your registered address, if you like.

If you change your registered office address, appoint a new Director or Secretary (or lose one), or if any of your personal details change, Companies House will want to know about it.

We'll remind you of all deadlines for submission or payment. We prepare and file your submissions for you and we can talk you through what what everything means. We'll never send anything off that you aren't completely happy with.

Your Annual Return needs to confirm a few basic things about your company. Here's a run-down of what they'll want to see:

  • The name of your company and its registered number.
  • The date to which the annual return is made up (the made-up date).
  • What your company actually does (your SIC code).
  • Whether it's private or public.
  • Your registered office address.
  • The address where the company keeps certain company records, if not at the registered office, and what records are held there.
  • The details of the company Secretary, if you have one.
  • The details of all the company's Directors.

The "made-up" date is simply the date at which all the information in an annual return must be correct. It's generally the anniversary of either your company's incorporation or of the made-up date of your last Annual Return.

Your "SIC" code is a number that classifies what type of business you are in. It stands for Standard Industrial Classification, and you can use up to four of them if you don't fit neatly into any single category.

RIFT Accounting can take care of all of this for you so that your information is always up-to-date.

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