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If you wrote a list of the most rewarding, enjoyable things about being in business, we'd be very surprised to see "dealing with HMRC" at the top. Be honest - it's not even in your top five, is it? 

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As the UK's tax authority, HM Revenue & Customs is a necessary part of all businesses based or trading here. Whether you're a Sole Trader or the Director of a large company, you've got to have a relationship and regular contact with them. It can be awkward and time-consuming, and you have to be sure that every piece of information you send to or receive from them is pinpoint accurate or things get messy in a hurry.


HMRC may sometimes feel like a forbidding and unapproachable creature that speaks in a barely intelligible language, but they do understand the value of security. If you'd like us to represent you in your dealings with them, they have a form for that. Of course, they do - they have a form for everything.

The particular document you're after here is called 64-8 "Authorising Your Agent". Basically, all it does is allow HMRC to talk to us in place of you, and lets them know that we can handle any correspondence and phone calls about your business. Quite rightly, HMRC will not speak to us until one of these forms have been signed by you.

As we like to make your life simple you'll get your 64-8 in your welcome pack. As soon as we get your signature on this form, we’ll send it over to HMRC (it can take several weeks for them to confirm authorisation). After that we'll speak directly to them from then on.

Another thing to watch out for is the constant changes in legislation. A lot of businesses get tripped up this way - and even traditional accountants get caught out every once in a while, leaving their clients stuck with a penalty for something they knew nothing about.

At RIFT Accounting, we're in touch with HMRC all the time. In fact we make around 2,000 phone calls a week to HMRC people. So we're confident in saying we’re right up-to-date on their rules, keeping you safe from unexpected snares those others might miss.

RIFT Accounting can clear all of the hassle of dealing with HMRC out of your way. By letting us be your official "agent" with the taxman, you'll always be confident that your records are accurate and up-to-date, and you'll never have to spend twenty minutes in a phone queue to get a question answered or a detail corrected.

We know what long hours you work on your business already, so let us take this off your to-do list.

Better yet, you can rest assured we'll tell you everything you need to know to make sure you never get on their bad side.

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