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Working With Existing Software And Systems

The Clear Books system we use at RIFT Accounting is the super-hero's utility belt of online accountancy packages. It's easy to use, always accessible and loaded with insanely useful gadgets. One of the best features of Clear Books is how smoothly it integrates with, well, virtually everything - and new features are being added all the time. Here are a few examples:

Companies House

Companies House is the national authority for registering and regulating companies in the UK. Because it's so much more than just an accounting system, Clear Books lets you search, buy and download any documents you need directly from Companies House anywhere you have an internet connection.


Clear Books is officially recognised by HMRC for the filing of VAT and CIS returns. All it takes is a couple of clicks and you can submit your return directly from the application. It'll even give you a friendly nudge when the time comes so you never miss a deadline.


Yodlee is online banking the way it ought to be. With Clear Books, you can access account, balance and transaction information all over the world. It supports all the major banks and means you can feed your information directly into your Clear Books accounts.

From payment systems to automated emailing, you can do it all through Clear Books.

  • Channel Grabber: control online stock, order processing and listing management.
  • GoCardless: speedy online payments through direct debit.
  • PayPal: the world's number-one choice for receiving online payments
  • PayPoint: UK-based company offering secure, reliable online payment services for small business.
  • Capsule CRM (Client Relationship Management): communicate with and keep track of the companies you do business with. Never miss an opportunity.
  • Google: import and sync all your business contacts from Gmail directly into Clear Books.
  • Mailchimp: global email marketing tool used by millions to contact and build their customer bases.

Clear Books is RIFT's choice of system for cloud accountancy, because it brings the best resources in the business together.

All that's barely even the start of Clear Books' integration. It's partnered with XE to support multi-currency invoicing and it works with Duedil for one-stop business information and insight. The next time you're experiencing the business equivalent of being suspended over a pit of ravenous lava-sharks by a leering supervillain, reach for your phone and open Clear Books - then summon RIFT Accounting for a daring rescue.

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